Back on a Roll! Eleven Mailed Today (Tuesday)

After not finding the time to write many letters in the last few days, I managed to catch up a bit today, with 11 pieces of mail going out:
* a long letter to a LetterMo participant in Germany.
* a postcard of Orlando Bloom as Legolas, to a pen pal in Ukraine who is crazy for the Lord of the Rings films but can’t find such cards in her own country.

And Postcrossing cards to the following places
* Lisbon, Portugal
* USA (upstate New York)
* Netherlands (2)
* Shanghai, China (I sent this Postcrosser my other Legolas card when I read that she’s not only a Lord of the Rings fan but also has a major crush on Orlando Bloom)
* Malaysia (a very cool card from Arizona that showed a night scene with the black shape of a saguaro cactus in front of a star-filled night sky, with Halley’s Comet visible)
* Finland
* Japan (a painting of cupcakes)
* Czech Republic

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