demolition, and other things being harassed

returned again in 1997 by a DPRK to China.Paju cemetery near the local villagers said, here are some young bury the war is over, I hope these children will soon return to their homeland. Reporter Korean friends said, the management of these cemeteries are bitter enemies on the battlefield, then they can try their abandoned the hatchet, ordinary people should cherish peace now.Medicinal Botanical Garden, plants have different seasons stolen “soup”;Ferns Botanical Garden, the national level to protect plants Areia fern shoots a target, being pinched seedlings “perpetrators,” said want to take home cooking;Pear tree trunks sawed, wild orchids have occurred by “smooth” walk incidents.Reporter correspondent Luo Hua Lin Li Biqiu”One day, I saw a 40-year-old woman, pulling an old lady walking in the garden, I thought, this kinda filial daughter, specifically with the elderly to exercise. Su   air jordan 6  rprisingly, the two Jingan slow to catch, straight went to the medicine park, to see things on the ground kind of hard to pull, I had immediately ran over to stop. “deputy director of the South China Botanical Garden Center LIAO Jing-Ping told reporters, stealing home-dug plants uncommon behavior for various purposes. In just the past autumn, only in herb gardens, caught pulling the plants have three times.LIAO Jing-Ping also found a dumbfounding phenomenon: drug garden plants, different seasons was “patronizing” things are different, are often lured away some of the soup ingredients conform to the season. “For example, in the spring, five tea in the common plant species

will be lured away when the autumn, there are many myrtle is poached, it was said to the children after being caught soup good efficacy.” He said, had also There is a 70-year-old man climbed a tree pick Quang Ninh lard fruit tea, said to oil, but also points to relatives planting. There are tourists who face fruit when ripe fruit went to get on the lawn, the grass is trampled.Visitors to poach a big bag fern shootsIn addition to herb gardens, ferns Botanical Garden is another “disastrous.” LIAO Jing-Ping said: “Bracken refreshing, a lot of people love to eat, a lot of fern leaves during spring poached Once, when I go to the botanical gardens Simon, saw a man carrying a large bag, bulging bulging. Later let the security inquiry, found this man dug a big bag of fern shoots. “Another time, LIAO Jing-Ping through relict Arboretum, actually saw the old lady fern shoots are pinched Areia,” This is a national vibram fivefingers bikilals mens  a protected plant ah! “LIAO Jing-Ping asked,” perpetrators “say” I thought I could pick, ready to sprout to take home cooking. “Tourists do not care for the plants but also in other activities. For example, the cycad garden of a huge pointed leaves sylvestris tree became physical exercise “high bar.” Every day around 8:00 in the morning you can see five or six people, each pulling a snag, do stretching exercises, a tree has also been made huge rickety.Outside the greenhouse zone, the reporter saw cactus display area becomes “unnamed zone.” Dozens of trees arranged in an arc cactus, flattened stems, each with a sharp instrument were tourists engraved words, the above names have fifty or sixty feet, scarred.December 24, Lu’an City Intermediate People’s Court accused Jeong intentional homicide case were sentenced.The Court has examined the defendant and the victim Ryu Jeong at January 18, 2006 registration of marriage, the initial two feelings were good, due to the return of housing

demolition, and other things being harassed her often contradictory arguments, grudges very well. June 11 this year, the defendant Jeong to Meishan Road Lu’an City, a large pharmacy to buy a box of hypnotic drugs premeditated to Ryu taking. June 14 morning, in order to deceive the way for Ryu Jeong dose zopiclone tablets, which will be bundled with Ryu lethargy. Ryu woke up after struggling, abusive, Jeong use a large shovel, screwdriver, defibrillator beaten Ryu, Ryu while longer to eat. To Ryu on the afternoon of June 16 death. After Jeong buy saws, pressure cookers and other tools, Ryu dismembered corpses, after bagging stew, Lu’an city were thrown into the garbage truck, bucket, sewer and Pi river. To cover up the facts of the crime, Jeong reported to the police lied when a doctor in Nanjing, Liu lost. July 17, the defendant Jeong surrendered to the public security organ, a true account of the fact tair jordan 1 salehat killing Liu.Luan Court held that the defendant Zheng Liu and her husband because of the many contradictions intensified, to kill, his behavior constituted intentional homicide. Then dismembered the corpse, stew, abandoned, commits an offense and cruel, vile and serious crime should be severely punished according to law. In view of the defendant voluntarily pleaded guilty and constitute a surrender 郑某庭 time trial and other statutory and discretionary lighter mitigating circumstances, respond Zheng Jianan lighter punishment according to law. Jeong prosecutor accused and convicted of crimes. Accordance with the law, sentenced the accused guilty of intentional homicide Jeong, sentenced to death, suspended for two years deprivation of political rights for life.26-27 December 2013, jointly organized by the Phoenix and Phoenix “Phoenix Finance Summit 2013” held in Beijing. Finance summit to continue the current policy of “emancipation market” purport to “reshape the market forces” as the