Envelope embellishment

I’ve been having as much fun decorating my envelopes as I have writing the letters this year. One of today’s, a small notecard envelope, was given a spray of green leaves that matched the new wax seal that arrived a couple of days ago, and the italic hand-lettered address came out better than usual for me. The other was designed to match the design on the card, which was a nighttime view from directly below of a raccoon up in a tree; I had two raccoons up a tree, trunk to the left of the address and branches stretching horizontally above and below it. Though the background was uncolored, so it looked to be a daytime view, I made the coons’s eyes round orbs glowing in their black masks, the way they look when you go out at night to see who’s been tipping over the trash cans (in spite of the heavy rocks you piled on top) and your flashlight beam finds them up a tree fifteen feet off the ground.

Also, two postcards, each with five stamps (George Washington, toleware (2), silver coffeepot, Tiffany lamp) making up the 34¢, because I wanted something more interesting than the apple stamps, on which I think they did a really halfhearted job.

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