Envelope fun

Time was nearly every envelope I mailed to a friend had some kind of doodle on it, but I gradually let go of the habit. Most of my MoL mail this year, though, has had some kind of silliness going on around the address, and today’s were especially fun: Addresses on one enclosed in banners (with fringe!), the primary address towed by a gawky bird and the zip code in a banner of its own, flying from a pole carried by a fellow sporting a natty uniform, a shako, and a big fluffy beard. The stamp was Hagrid from the new Harry Potter set, and I gave him a thought balloon that said “No Neville stamp? That don’t seem right.” The other piece mailed today had lots and lots of pairs of eyeballs, looking every whichway. The friend who braved the snowstorm to get those to the PO for me asked the postmaster if they could be hand-cancelled, and watched him place the stamp very carefully each time so as to least intrude on the designs.

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