First five days!

Although I have written every day, this is the first time I have remembered to check in on the website!
Day #1: I wrote a welcome home letter to my friend in Australia who just go back from 7 months of travelling, on a cute ballerina aerogram. Typewritten William Stafford poem included. I also finally sent back the “lost postcard” I got LAST YEAR from the lost postcard project. Oops.
Day#2: I wrote a letter to Peter at Oberlin, who told me he was sad because he didn’t get any mail last semester. Clearly, this cannot be allowed to happen again, but I also didn’t want to intimidate a new letter-writer, so I went easy on the decorations.
Day #3: A letter to Kaia, also at Oberlin! She is a mail veteran, so hers got full on collage/washi tape/address label treatment, plus the first use of the very exciting new Harry Potter stamps
Day #4: I left letter-writing until the last minute, and all I could manage was a Sacagawea “Women Who Dared” postcard to my fellow women’s college student, Hannah.
Day #5: Today I am sending a birthday present to my friend in Maine, a copy of the Australian children’s classic “the Magic Pudding”.

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