For my British Authoress, a Valentine

Fandom is a marvelous place to meet kindred spirits, and I met author Charlie Cochrane through the Hornblower fandom several years ago. We carry on a web and snail mail friendship with the benefit of occasional visits across the pond. I usually try to include a vintage postcard in my letters when I can find them, sometimes with a note from some vanished person from history, sometimes one from me if it’s blank. (She collects Edwardian postcards, because of the era her books are usually set in.) So I thought she’d appreciate this view of 19th century Washington DC, and the hilarity of a card that paired a Cicero quote with polar bears. (What?)

Since today is a snow day, I also started collecting the supplies for letters and valentines to send later, including the homemade one I just made for my brother and sister-in-law, so they’re included in today’s picture. And I walked to a new neighborhood mailbox to enjoy the snow, as well!

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