left and right side to trial

the Henan High Court has decided to consider the reform of the criminal trial.Trial pattern of changeChina’s current criminal case to trial court layout is situated just behind the court, in the divided left and right side to trial to defend Taiwan, the prosecution units, located across from the defendant seats.According to experts, the trial layout is based on 27 May 1985 the Supreme, Supreme Procuratorate jointly issued the “People’s Court on the trial court to trial, the prosecution table, the provisions of the defense units” set up, which embodied criminal judicial philosophy and litigation asics gel noosa tri 8 cheap relationships with 1979, “Criminal Procedure Law” established “inquisitorial” the inquisitorial model is adapted to suit. In 1996, the Code of Criminal Procedure to modify, to absorb the “adversary” reasonable factors, formed the basis of the terms of reference doctrine, doctrine adopted both parties of certain features of criminal proceedings pattern typical of the original trial court “inquisitorial” model, changed to focus on the protection of the rights of the adversarial parties.”It should be said that the current criminal trial layout has been unable to meet the development of the law of criminal proceedings,

serious lag.” Henan High Court, the official said that the implementation of this Code of Criminal Procedure to “respect and protect human rights,” writes General, and the establishment of the exclusion of illegally obtained evidence, expert witness testimony and a series of systems, the highest law in the Sixth National Conference on Criminal Justice explicitly proposed to implement the principle of the presumption of innocence in criminal proceedings philosophy, principles and guidelines compared with 1985 , a fundamental change has occurred. From the layout of theasics kinsei 4 cheap  trial of criminal cases around the world, both the common law countries, or civil law countries, basically the defendants and their counsel seat seats set together, there are few seats set up in the defendant to trial are opposite position under interrogation.Zhu Mingyong said that under the current layout of the trial, which is very typical disadvantages, such as the defendant in court is often a lot of questions need to communicate with counsel, and even guilty or not, but because of the distances between the defendant and counsel, counsel can not timely progress with the accused before the court for the exchange, adjust defense strategy, and some courts are not allowed even during recess counsel and the defendant exchange, resulting in the defendant can not receive timely and effective help defender in court

trials, This fact prevents effective action is not conducive to safeguarding the rights of the accused litigation.In recent years, a dozen major miscarriages of justice in criminal exposure, making “the Conflict”, “presumption of innocence” to strengthen judicial philosophy, but also to reform the criminal trial in the court system in order to realize the establishment of the center court proceedings The importance mode.Details of the changes associated with the trial, then trying to “criminal labels” and demanded the implementation of the Supreme, Supreme Procuratorate, Ministry asics kinsei 4 australia of Public Security regulations, unless the defendant himself requested, shall not shave their heads to the defendant; During the trial activities, shall not be mandatory defendant wearing a prison uniform. Before entering the courtroom, the defendant should be stripped prison uniform, allowing it to wear civilian clothes; may not use restraints on the defendant, the defendant suspected of serious violent crime, and obviously escape, violence, suicide, self-mutilation and other Dangerousness except the defendant; nor shall the defendant use the cage, the table should be set for the defendant seats, chairs. For a