Limited edition of 14 Fine Art Valentines

The esteemed Nicci Mechler has been hosting this art print exchange for ten years now! So I took a slice of yam in hand, not having the proper size eraser or lump of flat wood, and made my print block of a frog, music upon a lily-pad. The lilypad is heart shaped, all subtle-like, you see.
One limited edition, designed, drawn, carved, edition printed including 2 artist proofs, and the block destroyed* within 90 minutes. Now THAT is making Art.
I figure I can call myself a print maker if I do at least one edition a year.
And Nicci draws a fine crowd of printmakers**.

* No, I did not eat it. Though the rest of the yam will be part of breakfast in a day or two.
** Yes I can spell it both as print makers and printmakers within the same missive, should I chuse.
It was fun. I’ve been swapping daily sketches with a couple of friends as a part of mindfulness practice pretty seriously since last fall, and I think I just broke one friend’s brain open. We’ll see if she carves and prints in the next year.

I am counting this as fourteen items, because they enter the exchange and wind up going to 14 different people, including, as is right, our host.

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