Lucky 13!

Today I sent 13 pieces of mail. Actually, I had hoped to send more, or at least one or two longer letters, but I was on a deadline and couldn’t devote as much time as I’d wanted. Here is what I sent:
* 7 Girls Love Mail notes.
* A vintage-look Valentine to my sister in New Hampshire.
* 5 Postcrossing postcards including
— to Ukraine, a card with a spectacular photo of the Colosseum in Rome
— to Germany, a panoramic-format card of the dramatic, red-rock landscape of Dead Horse Point State Park, in Utah.
— to China, a card showing a lovely painting of a bottle of wine and a wine glass
— to an amusement park enthusiast in the Netherlands, an awesome image of the Cyclone roller coaster on Coney Island
— to a dental hygiene student in Finland, a card showing Bugs Bunny as a dentist, with Tweety Bird as hygienist and Sylvester the Cat in the dental chair.

I think I’ll upload the Looney Tunes Dentist card so you can see it.