Mailed 5 on Wed., Feb. 12

* I wrote a Jane Austen letter! I did one last year too, and learned that it’s really hard to use pen and ink on cheap paper. I used better paper this time, and it helped, but it takes so long, and I just don’t have the beautiful handwriting necessary to really pull it off. I couldn’t find my sealing wax from last year, but candle wax works, too. I’ve been meaning to do one since February began, and a snow day gave me the opportunity. This year’s Jane Austen letter went to a LetterMo participant in Texas to whom I’ve been writing occasionally since last February.

My other four pieces of mail were all Postcrossing cards:
* to Germany, a cool shot of a girl playing soccer (football, for you Europeans)
* to Seattle, Washington, USA, a card with a photo of fireworks
* to the Czech Republic, a card I made from a photo I took of Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park
* to Finland, a cute, whimsical drawing of a girl hanging up hearts for Valentines Day

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