Monday’s Mailings

I mailed four things on Monday. It was a holiday, but I’ve been on a quest to seek out new mailboxes. When I was driving by and noticed one I hadn’t seen before, I stopped and mailed the letters I had already written and happened to have with me.

* One was a long letter to a LetterMo participant here in the U.S. who had written to me.
The others were Postcrossing cards:
* to Germany, a map of the D.C. Metro system.
* to Netherlands, a state bird photo, showing a cardinal.
* to China, a card from historic Route 66, showing a line drawing of the Cozy Drive-In, Springfield, Illinois, the place where the corn dog was invented. Only they call it the Cozy Dog. This was a crazy card with a ton of printing all over it, explaining the history of the place.

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