More envelope fun

I sent two thank-you notes, to the hostess and to the chief chef at a nice dinner gathering last Saturday of folks with whom I used to work, and one letter. The rectangle enclosing the address of one thank-you envelope was clutched in the talons of a cranky-looking blue bird. On the other thank-you envelope, the stamp, address and return address were picket signs carried by assorted little people. On the letter the Gregory Peck stamp advised readers not to think I’d gotten the lines of the address that straight without pencilling in some guidelines. To the left of the address, a fellow with long flowing hair and arms held in a position I can’t figure out how to describe held one foot poised above an ant. Readers were asked if they were the kind of person whose first reaction, seeing that, was “No, no, don’t step on it!” or “Oh, how nice he’s trying so hard not to step on it.” I’m usually running too short on time to think about photographing any of these and loading images here, especially since I’d want to block out the real address and substitute something that’ll function in the same space with the same weight.