Nine Mailed Today, Feb 19

Received several letters today, and didn’t have time to reply to all of them yet. And I started making a zine, but haven’t gotten very far yet. But I’m still finding new mailboxes!

* I sent a bizarre card and a collection of some random fun stuff, as a response to a letter from a LetterMo participant in Florida.
And I sent eight Postcrossing cards:
* a puzzle card of Canyonlands National Park, Utah, sent to Indonesia. Have you ever sent a puzzle card? It’s a jigsaw puzzle in postcard form. Carefully slide it from the wrapping and write your message on the back. Then break the puzzle apart and put the pieces in the envelope. When it arrives, your recipient puts the pieces together to read the message.
* to upstate New York, a card of an old Wizard of Oz book illustration.
* to a class of 6th-graders in the Netherlands, a card of the Obama family with some information about Malia and Sasha.
* to Spain, a standard tourist card of the U.S. Capitol.
* to Japan, a cool photo of a 1930s style kitchen.
* to two violin-playing sisters, ages 10 & 12, in the Czech Republic, a card showing the fiddle that belonged to Charles Ingalls (yes, as in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Pa,” who often plays his violin in the “Little House” books she wrote about her childhood).
* to Switzerland, a pretty, colorful scene of rural Indiana, with a red covered bridge.
* and to Vancouver, British Columbia, a photo of icicles shimmering in the light of a golden sunset.

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