Posted 9 Items on Thursday, Feb. 13

I sent 9 things today.

They included 6 Postcrossing cards:
* to the Netherlands, a lovely drawing of a girl in striped stockings.
* to a Star Wars fan in Seoul, South Korea, a funny take on The Last Supper, with Luke Skywalker sitting in for Jesus Christ, and other cast members (original three movies, of course) playing the parts of the apostles.
* to Australia, a classic red car, a Morgan three-wheeler.
* to Moldova, an art card showing a sculpture of two large polar bears, halfway between realism and whimsy.
* to Finland, a card I had made of a photo I took of the ornate ceiling of the Library of Congress.
* to a chocolate-loving teenage girl in Taiwan, a card with a painting of a cupcake.

I also sent three letters or cards to people I know:
* a postcard to my best friend, in Pennsylvania, showing a closeup photo I took of Abraham Lincoln’s eyes at Mount Rushmore, in honor of Presidents’ Day next week.
* a housewarming card to my godmother, who recently moved to Florida.
* a long letter to my sister in New Hampshire.

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