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theme, the direction of market reforms in China after the age of eighteen Third Plenary Session of concern.27 morning, the state-owned enterprise reform, “to charm,” the forum, former director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Li Rongrong, the State Council Development Research Center, deputy director Zhang Wenkui Enterprise Institute, China National Building Material Group, Song Zhiping, chairman of China National Pharmaceutical Group launched a heated discussion. Song Zhiping, chairman of the central rate double in answering questions related to income when the host, witty to say: you finally asked how much my income, this is a sensitive topic. Because the world is not talking about revenue this problem, ask a woman to ask a man’s age and income, they generally do not tell you. So I can so to speak, than civil servants, than director (Li Rongair jordan 11 salerong) must be high, much higher than he does, I guess seven or eight times higher. But lower than in the community, how much lower it, I estimated to be five to six times lower. You do the math is much on the line.Song Zhiping stressed that the reform which proposed to professional managers. These future mixed ownership are professional managers from the market, the market price for them, the issue is also the question of reform.”I went to the Chinese building materials when only 20 million. Done two 500, I always consider myself an entrepreneur, I am not a state-owned enterprise cadres, cadres in the traditional sense. Someone asked me that you belong total Song entrepreneurs do, which machine belongs to you, I say the U.S. Yake Ken Ford when he was an entrepreneur, Ford noisy out later, the revitalization of the Chrysler, and everyone called him

entrepreneur, whether he employed Who. “Song Zhiping said.End of the year, the real estate market quietly become deserted. Data show a number of agencies, in the fourth quarter hot urban property market turnover continued to decline. Followed by a second-tier cities housing prices in some areas, “diving.” Rapid cooling of the property market seems to be hot from the previous state.This market movement sparked conjecture: With the hot urban regulatory policy tightening, the real estate market is entering a downward cycle  Many analysts have stressed that the recenair jordan 5 cheapt property market cooling is where intensive control policy and the introduction of the combined result of seasonal factors. From the supply and demand fundamentals, shortage of state has not improved significantly, the property market is still upward momentum. Therefore, the current market transaction are “pseudo-cool.”Despite the end of a series of important meetings stressed market ideas, but short term, hot cities will withstand high pressure policy. Overall, next year the real estate market or transferred to low speed, price gains may slow, difficult future market ups and downs.Multiple factors cause the market to coolChina Securities Journal

reporter recently discovered research into December, part of the district’s secondary listing quotes and Daxing District, Chaoyang District, Beijing declined, individual listing price decline even reach 20 million. Although the agency clerk said, quote decline is the result of owners eager to sell, but the recent weakness in Beijing second-hand housing prices rose it is an indisputable fact.Centaline Research Department statistics show that in November this year, Beijing second-hand housing stock average 34,500 yuan per square meter, compared with 35,000 yuan in October, a slight downward listed price. Since December, Beijing second-hand housing offer adjusted to 33,500 yuan per square meter.Also the new home market is also cooling. Statistics show chain of family property, into December, the market volume and turnover Beijing pure real estate projects are slightly improved, but generally loweair jordan 3 ukr average transaction price of new homes.This situation has become a microcosm of the second-tier city property hotspot. Central Plains real estate statistics show that as of last week, volume 54 major cities in the country has come down for four consecutive weeks, significantly lower than the level in September and October. Expected in December, the property market overall volume will significantly decline.The reason for this phenomenon, most agencies believe is a combination of factors led to this inextricably linked with the current time node. Director of the Central Plains real estate market research Dawei be attributed to two main reasons: First, policy tightening,