Seals and sealing wax!

I mailed a letter first thing this morning, from a new mailbox, but the two cards I wrote later on were still unmailed when I received the package containing a new (to me) brand of sealing wax and three new seals (spider, butterfly and leaves), so I got to try them out right away. The clerk at the PO said at first that there’d be an additional charge to hand-cancel, for the extra thickness, I think; when I said, “Oh, how much? I haven’t ever had to pay it in the past,” she said, well, we could try letting them go without the extra postage and see what happens. I’ll have to follow up with the addressees to see if they arrive. I’m pretty sure the wax wasn’t thick enough to hang it up in the thickness-checker card I’ve seen clerks use in the past, but maybe there’s a new standard?

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