Seven More Postcards Mailed

Somewhere last week I must have been incorrect about the date; I seem to be off by a day. But the totals are the important part, and I have doublechecked that I have recorded the right numbers of mail. So I’m not going to worry about some of those dates being off. The following seven postcards were actually mailed on Feb. 15. All seven are Postcrossing cards.
* to Taiwan, a postcard showing a local scene of cherry blossoms and the Washington Monument (looking forward to spring!)
* to Finland, a photo I took myself, a closeup of a stalk of Queen Anne’s Lace.
* to Germany, a card showing two Chesapeake Bay lighthouses at Cape Henry, Virginia.
* to a little girl in Ukraine, a gorgeous, spectacular shot of Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World by night, all lit up and magical-looking.
* to a teenage girl who asked for postcards of wolves, a card from Alaska, featuring timber wolves.
* to a Polish Postcrosser who loves Game of Thrones (and who doesn’t?) a card with a drawing of Queen Cersei.
* to Shreveport, Louisiana, here in the USA, a beautiful picture of horses running in a field.

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