Taiwan to mainland tourists sightseeing

Taiwan to mainland tourists sightseeing in Hunan Chen Shaojun, yesterday afternoon before departure, ran off the group Ma Ying-jeou from the front of the office with a knife to behead the Ministry, shouting “Let me die!” police discovered immediately rushed forward to take knife to stop, hospital no serious problem, the Taiwan authorities, “NIA” Today his forcible deportation.Chen course of medical treatment, mental state is very unstable, mouth shouting grandfather was born in the Whampoa Military Academy, followed by the KMT often had mishaps early in wars, or the anti-Japanese hero, meritorious, the KMT did not get praise and consolation, let him feel very unfair, was asked his grandfather and his family to seek justice.reebok zig fuel women’s He said that this trip was to find Taiwan “Veterans will” require grandfather Ke ball into the Shrine, but was refused, only to protest in front of Ma Ying-jeou’s Office. However, the “Veterans Affairs Commission,” said yesterday that, after examination, Chen M never to “Veterans Affairs’ petition, I do not know who Ke ball.According to reports, Chen Shaojun mouth grandfather Ke ball, retired Major General, Li Ren Xiangjun 2nd Division platoon, company commander, the Sixth Army National Revolutionary Army 18 division independent regiment, had also Marshall became captain Academy Guangzhou Branch officers, During the war, the Senate Advisory any military after the war was the ninth corps officer, Major General senior instructor.Police found 43-year-old Chen Shaojun from the mainland Yiyang, a cable company manager, 5th of this month

and more than 30 mainland tourism to Taiwan tour itinerary including Sun Moon Lake, Alishan and Hualien attractions and other places, the original Order Yesterday 15:00 delegation departure.Unexpectedly, tours in Taipei yesterday morning to complete the final itinerary, Chen Shaojun taking advantage of the gap lunch, disappeared off the group alone, then travel to Taiwan, “Tourism” and “NIA” briefing Alerts, but always unable to He made contact.15:40, Chen took four hand-written petition, appearing in front of the office Ma Kaida Grand Avenue, then bought out a small knife, a stride rushed Kay Road, shouting ” I have aspirations, let me die, “” government incompetence “and a knife to his Tian Linggai scribing a knife, reebok realflex sale  bloody spot.In the nearby police immediately rushed forward to take knife to stop and informed him to the ambulance personnel NTU heal, but fortunately only a flesh wound, sewing needles after treatment 7 has harmless.Macao SAR Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On the 12th, said next year will continue to implement the Macao SAR Partaking Scheme, proposes to grant permanent residents 9,000 yuan per person (MOP), non-permanent residents 5,400 yuan, respectively, an increase compared to fiscal year 2013 1000 yuan and 600 yuan (Note: According to today’s exchange rate, equivalent to about 9,000 patacas 6871 yuan).Chui Sai On the day of the SAR Legislative

Council for the fiscal year 2014 policy address. He said that the Government next year will take a number of caring people’s livelihood measures, including cash sharing plan, as well as benefit the elderly, students and disadvantaged families, employees, businessmen and other sectors of measures.Chui Sai On said the Government will be in January next year to adjust the minimum subsistence index, also raised three particularly vulnerable families living allowance. Grading disability benefits will be increased to 7,000 yuan and 14,000 yuan.Iverson said no need to worry about Kobe, Kobe Bryant also was previously. Even though he played a wheelchair, he would ever play in a wheelchair most outstanding player.Iverson reebok realflex cheap said no need to worry about Kobe, Kobe Bryant also was previously. Even though he played a wheelchair, he would ever play in a wheelchair most outstanding player. Meanwhile, he said, without have to go beyond Durant LeBron. As we mentioned that Jordan will mention “Magic” Johnson and Bird, as we mentioned LeBron will also mention Adu.According to “Fox Sports” report, recently retired Iverson recently asked Bryant, Durant and others topics. When it comes to Kobe, he said, Bryant Even after Achilles tendon injury, but will be back before that when Kobe Bryant.”You do not have to worry about Kobe,” asked 35-year-old Bryant is still as good as before when Iverson said, “If he can not defeat the opponent, he will not be thinking about comeback anxious, I mean yes, no matter how, before that he was the killer. “”If he had to wheelchair