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  • The Month of Letters community shared many really wonderful stamps on the #lettermo tag over on Instagram, just as we requested. Here are our favorites! You can find more shared on our Instagram feed.

  • Thanks to everyone who posted pictures of their postcards sent and received on the #lettermo tag this year! We re-shared quite a few, and these are the favorites. You can see many more on our Instagram account.

  • Wanted to ping y’all here in the forums about this blog post as I am intensely interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter…

  • Over at The Recipes Project, English professor Amy L. Tigner talks about the process of making ink from scratch. It’s a project she did for and with her students at University of Texas, and involved finding the […]

    • That was a fascinating post. I’ve made ink with a couple different recipes (one of which involved soaking nails in vinegar), but haven’t ventured to try this version yet.

      But may I point out that this kind of ink should NEVER be used in fountain pens? It works beautifully with quills and dip pens, but it tends to be corrosive and will destroy a fountain pen very quickly.


  • I like getting postcards almost more than I like full letters. That’s because postcards are often cool images, and they give me a chance to decorate my walls with small pictures of places, copies of beautiful […]

  • Here at Month of Letters we’re very pro analog methods of communication. But we don’t eschew all modern technology when it comes to sending things through the mail–not everyone is comfortable writing by hand, […]

    • What a wonderful option for folks who may not be able to handwrite but still want the personal feel of a handwritten card.

      I have repetitive stress injuries in both my elbows from my former life in publishing. Typing is much, much easier or me on my bad days. I would consider a service like this, but $5 is a bit steep for me.

  • Last year, LetterMo community member Nina shared with us some quick and easy ways to create mail art. Since then I’ve been paying attention to some of the gorgeous envelopes, letter sleeves, wax seals, stamps, […]

  • Today’s guest blogger is LetterMo Community Member Bridget Larsen, who is originally from the island of Fiji in the South Pacific and now calls Brisbane, Queensland in Australia home. One of her favourite and o […]

    • What a delightful story that Connie and Bridget share about letter writing, sending postcards and love in all shapes and sizes around the world. You two and the students rock!

      Thanks for sharing ~~

      from Jan and John of Edmonds, Washington, USA with blessings always !

  • We are entering the final full week of the Month of Letters! Hopefully you’ve started getting some replies to the letters and postcards and packages you’ve sent out or letters from your LetterMo participating […]

  • Getting personal letters in the mail is still pretty rare, even with this yearly challenge and the valiant efforts of entities like the Letter Writers Alliance. That means many of them are special in some way […]

  • We saw a bunch of wonderful (and sometimes funny) Valentines on Instagram and Twitter the past week! Here are some of our favorites:

    We reshared many more on our Instagram account. Check it out and keep […]

  • Stamps are an awesome form of art, don’t you think? They’re tiny, they’re meant to be marked on, they get put on envelopes and sent out into a cruel world of rain and wind and automatic sorting machines. Some are […]

    • I love stamps old and new – current favorites: the trucks, the sofa fountain, the moon (intl), happy birthday, and the whole Loony Tunes series… and most of the Love series and a whole bunch more!!

  • A day for love! Whether that love is romantic, familial, or platonic, it should be celebrated. So put aside the cynicism about corporate manufacturing of holidays and look for ways to express your love for someone […]

  • Happy second Sunday in February, all! It’s our second day of “rest”, which means it’s time to take a look back through old blog posts. Ah, I remember the days…

    Since we’ve been sharing favorite writing paper […]

  • Thanks to all of you who shared your favorite paper for writing letters. Keep the replies coming! In keeping with the theme of letter writing tools, today we want you to share your favorite pens. because we know […]

  • Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and I know many of you are out to earn the Valentine badge (and I see several of you already have!). We need more love in the world right now, no matter what kind of love […]

  • Did you know Month of Letters is on Instagram now? Yes, indeed. There are so many of you there sharing your beautiful envelopes, handwriting, stamps, and more, that we thought it would be fun to highlight our […]

  • Are you new to the Month of Letters challenge? If so, you might not know how many great posts we have on the blog from past years. Each Sunday we’ll highlight some favorites, and you’re welcome to comment on […]


    One of the things I love about the Month of Letters community is how much you all love to talk about your letter writing tools from the paper you love to the pens to the stuff you use to make custom e […]

    • I was turned onto Tomoe River by a superthoughtful LetterMo penpal. I learned I could make eight pages of legible text from one sheet, and therefore the cost of a 100-sheet pack seemed very affordable. Tomoe River is very friendly to fountain pen inks, and I can fold one sheet in half and tear it to make two, it’s that sturdy. It’s also thin enough that I can write an eight-plus page letter and not have to pay extra postage for weight or thickness.

      I have also Strathmore linen paper, lined, and a close-to-onionskin-in-thinness pad of airmail lined stationery: good for when I have a lot to write, but because it’s thin I can only use one page per sheet.

    • I have sooo much writing paper! When I rediscovered letter writing a few years ago, I struggled to find ‘letter writing’ paper – pretty and decorated. So when I found it, I’d buy it! I love the cute stuff and have stacks of Disney themed, and Peanut themed paper. Just recently I’ve found that I love writing on graph/grid paper because it’s good for decorating myself!! The bonus is I can buy those notebooks for about $1!! My problem is that I don’t want to use my favourite paper – it’s pretty and I want to save it!! I’m endeavouring to stop that this year, and start sharing it.

    • I love using a pretty notecard as my starting “page”, and then if I need more, I use half sheets of vellum.

    • I’m a sucker for the La Papierre stationery subscription service. I just love getting surprise stationery in the mail every month. It’s unfortunately not fountain pen friendly, but works great with Stabilo pens, gel pens, and ballpoints. http://lapapierre.com/

    • I’ve been using what I think is supposed to be a printer paper, although it is kind of pricey for that use. It’s Via Smooth from Mohawk. I have found it to be very friendly to my fountain pens – no bleed though, some minimal ghosting, which doesn’t bother me since I usually only write on one side anyway.

    • I most often write in notecards and then use half sheets of calligraphy paper or drawing paper to continue if I run long. I can also cut that paper down so it fits into the envelopes I make out of magazine pages.

    • Crane and Crown Mill are my favorites.

    • I have a trolley full of lovely writing paper so an awful lot to choose from 😉
      I have been penpalling since I was 8 years old but over the years it wasn’t always easy to get writing paper in this country so whenever I would be somewhere where they did sell writing paper I would buy it. I don’t have a real preference as long as I can use my fountain pen! I love to have a choice though 🙂

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