Melissa Krueger



Melissa Krueger


I’m 42, wife to Erich, and mom to the little boy in the photo with me (who’s a bit bigger than he was in said photo now…), a crazy cat lady, bookworm, cross stitcher, Pagan, and geek. I’ve had penpals off and on since age 10, but fell out of the habit when a new house (and then a baby) took over the finances. I work full time as a paralegal for an insurance brokerage firm and enjoy blogging about life, the universe, and everything in my spare time.

I usually am writing letters as I catch up on TV shows, so random mentions of Doctor Who, Castle, Downton Abbey, or whatever else is catching my interest might pop up in letters. I think of myself as an open book, and will generally answer anything (or tell you if I need more time to formulate a proper response to a deep question). I’m much more of a quality writer over quantity – so if you’re looking for an instant reply, I’m probably not a good fit for you. If you’re looking for a penpal who will write letters to spread cheer, catch up over a cuppa, and will always respond to any letter received – even if it takes me a year for some ungodly reason, then drop me a line.

I’d love to reconnect via the written word with folks who don’t mind some time between letters when life gets in the way. Male or female, doesn’t matter to me, and age doesn’t either. The only thing that does matter is someone who wants a friendship to develop as it will – free flowing, with no requirements and no demands or expectations.


Accepts new penpals

I welcome new penpals

A simple challenge. In February, mail one item through the post every day it runs. #lettermo

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