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"What we speak becomes the house we live in" - Hafiz
“A pen transmits the voice of the soul.” Fennel Hudson
a delicious iced coffee at a table full of letters, stationery and pens. can't think of a better way to start my day
sunset outside, stationery in front of me. and now let's settle in with some tea and letters.
ballpoint, gel pen, fountain pen, sharpie pen.... i like them all😊
Coworker asks me "Wouldn't it be easier to email your pen pals?". Sheesh !
Got your vintage postcard, Bardbooks.....lovely!
Writing a note to Dave, my mail carrier since Feb 4 was Thank a Mail Carrier Day
writing a letter while watching snow fall outside my window - heaven!
writing a letter , sitting in front of a cozy fireplace . mmmmmmm...this is lettermo!

In February, mail one item every day it runs. #lettermo Sign up to find Lettermo Penpals!

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