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    Getting through a pile of letters that has been piling up since October (!!) – is it actually February? Oh dear… Sorry for late replies, life is getting in the way.

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  • Hello everyone! :)
    So glad for another round of lettermo. This will be my third time participating and I’ll give my best! Especially because I neglected writing letters over the past few months…
    So if you want to introduce yourself to a German kindergarten teacher (soon to be) then send me a letter or a card.
    My address is on my profile.

  • I have to say that I am very lucky with the friends I made. It’s the third time I’m participating this year :’) Oh how time flies.
    It just hit me that it’s almost February and I haven’t prepared a bit, haha! Looking forward to it.

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    In reply to: James Farmer posted an update Sorry for any delays in replies to mail my mum is seriously ill and tonight my dad has collapsed View

    Wishing a speedy recovery!! Keeping your mum and dad in my thoughts as well.

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    Have I missed someone’s birthday?! If so please tell me! I’ve lost my list with birthdays… Gotta make a new one.

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    Back to letter writing! And so glad that I finally got to reply to that pile of letters, haha.

  • I have them in shoe boxes as well but am searching for another way to store them. I thought about buying binders or portfolios…

  • I started keeping a draft of the letters I wrote, them took a photo of them or scanned the letters and made a folder for them. But then I stopped doing it and now I handle it like Mia. I rarely ever look into the […]

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    Hey! Just wanted to let you know that due to money problems I won’t be able to send out letters for a while :/ So sorry

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    Falling behind on replies >.< Sorry for that! Am going to write soon but I'm busy at the moment.

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    Ooh, I didn’t know about April. It’ll be a month of sending postcards for me, haha. Going on a trip and I already know that I will buy lots and lots of cards.

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    For me as well :)

    Congratulations Rosie! That are fantastic news. :)

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    In reply to: Heather Tomlinson posted an update I have had bigger mail days March 1st & March 3rd than any mail day during February. I LOVE it. Keep them coming I will answer them all. http://www.postable.com/heathertomlinson View

    I plan to write to you! Just so you know. But I still got many letters to reply to and ran out of stamps, hehe.

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    Got really sentimental today when I was organizing letters. I looked at all the letters I got during the last year, thought about all the people in different parts of the world I communicate with… :’) So thankful right now.

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    I also succeeded, even though I wasn’t able to post it here every day. I have written about 30 pieces of mail and wrote at least one letter a day, even on Sundays. Still have some people I want to write to thought that I didn’t get to write to, yet.

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    I had a great time this month and am glad to have found new friends. Will be busy replying this week, hehe. Although I didn’t get the achievement button (wasn’t able to register every single day), I know I am a winner :)

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    In reply to: Diana posted an update Gone for a week :) I’ll still write letters and cards but I won’t be able to see what I receive. View

    And probably no internet access either >.<

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