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Have You Ever Written A Fan Letter?

Up until last year I hadn’t written an actual paper fan letter since I was a kid. And, if you must know, I sent it to Leonard Nimoy. Anyway, during the last Month of Letters I decided to write another fan letter to a cellist whose music I adore. I got a really lovely note in response that made my day.

This year I’ve sent and planned to send several more fan letters. Some to musicians, some to writers, and a couple of actors. I don’t expect a response from all of them, but I have high hopes that my letters will actually reach them. I’m not writing to anyone that famous.

TLC FanMail

Thanks to social media and the Internet, it’s actually rather easy to find direct or mostly direct digital contact info for artists. Snail mail addresses are a bit harder to come by from a search. In most cases you have to ask.

What I usually do is look for a contact form on a website or, as a last result, pinging on Twitter. I let he person in question know I’d like to send snail mail, I tell them about Month of Letters so they know why, and ask where they prefer to receive mail (such as through an agent, manager, publisher, etc.). Most of the people I’ve contacted got back to me with an address, usually for their agent or a PO Box.

Have you sent any fan letters in recent memory? Did you get a response back? I always wonder how often people get responses back from the actual person they wrote to and not just some assistant with a signature stamp.