What have you mailed today?

As a way to help motivate you, we have a number of different challenges for you. Just report in daily about what you mailed and start collecting stamps for your profile. (You do have to be signup for the challenge to collect stamps.)Last year, the stamps were awarded automatically, but this year, it’s on the honor system.

You get points for the number of days that you send mail. We track this by the number of times you fill out the form, so please only use this form once per day.  You can also record how many items you sent each day.

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Please note: Only reports made in the form above will count toward unlocking achievements. Comments below are purely social.

20 responses to What have you mailed today?

  1. I have mailed out 3 hand written cards today. Within each card I hand embossed a little gold bird. :-)

    • Just an FYI in case you didn’t already know: ” Only reports made in the form above will count toward unlocking achievements. Comments below are purely social.” that’s if you’re interested in officially reporting to unlock achievements. If you’re just sharing, disregard and thanks for sharing :)

  2. I mailed a letter to my oldest granddaughter, telling her about when I was a little girl.

  3. Mary, Thanks for posting the badges! They aren’t necessary… but they sure are fun…. made me feel like a kid with a sticker! This is my first year and I am enjoying it already. I appreciate all the time that you put into this! I got out my first mail today, a package to my daughter in college in Iowa with some Valentine goodies.

  4. Do we get a badge for each item or just one badge for all?

  5. Is anyone else having a problem with this page? I have filled out and submitted the “What Have You Mailed Today?” form several times, but it’s not posting.

  6. I’ve posted 9 postcrossing today. All of them international and all of them for Postcrossing. I’d hoped to respond to a few letters today as well, but perhaps tomorrow.

  7. I have posted one postcard for Postcrossing and two birthday cards (one for my mum i law and one for my nephew that’s turning one)

  8. I didn’t realize I should post here daily. Yesterday I mailed 2 birthday cards and postcard.
    Today I mailed to notes to dear friends. So far so good!

  9. Hope to hear from you!!! :)

  10. 22 letters written so far this month. Later this evening I will be over the 23 mark as stated. I hope all of you letter writers are having a successful February 2015!

  11. I have spent a lovely few hours writing letters and cards! I’ve posted everyday but forgot to say I have posted!! ooops never mind lol

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