What have you mailed today?

As a way to help motivate you, we have a number of different challenges for you. Just report in daily about what you mailed and start collecting stamps for your profile. (You do have to be signup for the challenge to collect stamps.)Last year, the stamps were awarded automatically, but this year, it’s on the honor system.

You get points for the number of days that you send mail. We track this by the number of times you fill out the form, so please only use this form once per day.  You can also record how many items you sent each day. Plus there are some bonus actvities like, “Austen-style” or “international.”

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  • Austen-style — A letter written as though it were the early 1800s. Folded, sealed with wax and perhaps written with a quill.
  • International — You sent mail to someone in another country.
  • Package — You mailed a package.
  • Reply — You replied to a letter you received.
  • Used a new mailbox — This is for the postal explorer. Try sending your missives from different mailboxes to get to know your neighborhood.
  • Valentine — You sent a valentine.

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Please note: Only reports made in the form above will count toward unlocking achievements. Comments below are purely social.

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