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52 responses to What have you mailed today?

  1. I have mailed out 3 hand written cards today. Within each card I hand embossed a little gold bird. 🙂

    • Just an FYI in case you didn’t already know: ” Only reports made in the form above will count toward unlocking achievements. Comments below are purely social.” that’s if you’re interested in officially reporting to unlock achievements. If you’re just sharing, disregard and thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I mailed a letter to my oldest granddaughter, telling her about when I was a little girl.

  3. Mary, Thanks for posting the badges! They aren’t necessary… but they sure are fun…. made me feel like a kid with a sticker! This is my first year and I am enjoying it already. I appreciate all the time that you put into this! I got out my first mail today, a package to my daughter in college in Iowa with some Valentine goodies.

  4. Do we get a badge for each item or just one badge for all?

  5. Is anyone else having a problem with this page? I have filled out and submitted the “What Have You Mailed Today?” form several times, but it’s not posting.

  6. I’ve posted 9 postcrossing today. All of them international and all of them for Postcrossing. I’d hoped to respond to a few letters today as well, but perhaps tomorrow.

  7. I have posted one postcard for Postcrossing and two birthday cards (one for my mum i law and one for my nephew that’s turning one)

  8. I didn’t realize I should post here daily. Yesterday I mailed 2 birthday cards and postcard.
    Today I mailed to notes to dear friends. So far so good!

  9. Hope to hear from you!!! 🙂

  10. 22 letters written so far this month. Later this evening I will be over the 23 mark as stated. I hope all of you letter writers are having a successful February 2015!

  11. I have spent a lovely few hours writing letters and cards! I’ve posted everyday but forgot to say I have posted!! ooops never mind lol

  12. I started 2016 with three letters and a postcard to Italy, USA and Finland. One is to a friend, a former flat mate that returned in her hometown for personal problems. I hope it will bring her a smile.

  13. I mailed three letters this morning before even joining this site. It was exciting to find an excuse and a validation for writing letters all in one place!

  14. Day 1 I mailed out 16 items today which covered almost all categories and used a new postbox. Here is a post I did on my blog http://bridgetlarsen.blogspot.com.au/2016/02/a-month-of-letters-today-is-day.html

    • Wow, Bridget! You are a LetterMo powerhouse!

    • Bridget,

      I see on your blog you sent a note through AnySoldier, but I read that the military is no longer allowing these letters through. I found this on the FAQ page of the Military Postal Service site:

      8. Is there “Any Servicemember Mail”?
      No. With large numbers of servicemembers deployed overseas this year, family members, friends and other Americans who want to support the military are asking about military mail service. A Department of Defense (DOD) News Release highlighted the cancellation of mail programs that allowed the general public to send mail addressed to “Any Service Member”. While these programs were very popular with the public, security concerns and transportation constraints with military mail led to their cancellation. As an alternative, the DOD News Release noted web sites that will post messages of encouragement and highlighted opportunities to support veterans and military families. (Click here to read the news release)


      My husband has relatives in the military who say the restriction is still in place, but there are several sites offering to get mail to soldiers. Does anyone have more information?


  15. 6 items for Day 1 Sent. 4 letters (1 International) 2 postcards! All ready for Day 2 and lots of notecards to send! I am delivering the letters by bicycle, to the drop box or post offices this week, cause great weather!

  16. I also mailed two postcrossing postcards – one to Poland and the other to the Ukrain 🙂

  17. I mailed 1 Valentine’s day card to Colorado City, Texas from a mailbox in Euless, Texas.

  18. I mailed one postcard to Germany today.

  19. I apologize! I also didn’t know that we could post every day we send mail. I may not do that part all month just for the surprise factor (for recipients on here.)
    I did mail a little poem to my niece yesterday, and today was my first letter to someone one here. I even attempted some mail art. (Let’s just say I hope they like stick figures, stick trees, and badly drawn bears… ha!)

  20. Day 2 I mailed out 7 items today, have to find more people now hahahaha. I sent birthday, A spot of mail, International, Package, reply, A Marine servicewoman, postcrossing postcard. I am thoroughly enjoying finding new postboxes. You can read my Day 2 post here http://bridgetlarsen.blogspot.com.au/2016/02/a-month-of-letters-day-2.html

  21. I mailed 2 letters to 2 different pen pals because I missed yesterday (

  22. Day 4 = 3 international letters with goodies inside them

    Day 5 A spot of Mail,

  23. Day 6 Mail art I usually try and make my envelopes interesting, so I got one of those adult colouring books and make envelopes out of them so the recipient can colour in the envelope if they so wish. You can see the post here http://bridgetlarsen.blogspot.com.au/2016/02/a-month-of-letters-day-6.html

    • Thanks for sharing this terrific idea, Bridget. I handled but didn’t buy an adult colouring book on Amazing Cities. I see that a few pages of towns and cities in my home province, so I may pick it up tomorrow for next week’s goodies.

    • I love that idea, Bridget!! I have a number of those coloring books, but have only colored in a couple pages, lol! That is a really neat way to use the pages.

  24. Day 7 woohoo I did a week of mailing. This mail went out to a penpal I found on Letterset. A dear old Gentleman who is a prolific writer, no sooner do I send him an email to let him know there is snail mail coming-then boom he replies. A great story of love between him and his wife Lillian and a funny story of how they met in an army mess hall. You can see the post here http://bridgetlarsen.blogspot.com.au/2016/02/a-month-of-letters-day-7.html

  25. Six pieces of mail went out today, including a birthday card and presents to my sister and a 1st Place medal to a student who won an arts competition last year (for Dance Choreography). She missed the awards presentation, but I kept forgetting to bring her the medal. Finally decided it would get there faster if I just stuck it in the mail instead. With a nice card, of course. It feels so good to have done that, finally! Other mail included a letter to a LetterMo participant I hadn’t corresponded with before and three Postcrossing cards, to France, the Czech Republic, and the Ukraine. And I sent some of them from a mailbox I hadn’t used before.

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