What have you mailed today?

As a way to track your progress, we have achievement stamps to hand out for you. Just report in daily about what you mailed and start collecting stamps for your profile. (You do have to be signup for the challenge to collect stamps.)

You get points for the number of days that you send mail. We track this by the number of times you fill out the form, so please only use this form once per day.  You can also record how many items you sent each day. Plus there are some bonus actvities like, “Austen-style” or “international.”

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  • Austen-style — A letter written as though it were the early 1800s. Folded, sealed with wax and perhaps written with a quill.
  • International — You sent mail to someone in another country.
  • Package — You mailed a package.
  • Reply — You replied to a letter you received.
  • Used a new mailbox — This is for the postal explorer. Try sending your missives from different mailboxes to get to know your neighborhood.
  • Valentine — You sent a valentine.

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Please note: Only reports made in the form above will count toward unlocking achievements. Comments below are purely social.

145 responses to What have you mailed today?

  1. For next year, I suggest this form would work much better if it had a date field, instead of using the timestamp when I fill in the form. I tried to fill it in for my mailing on Wednesday, but the site was broken. By the time I could come again, it was tomorrow, so I have missed being able to report the sending a letter on Wednesday.

    If the form had a date field I could fill in, it would also let me put the right data in for the first 10 days or so of the month when I didn’t realize this form was here.

    • It does not use a timestamp, it just counts the number of times you filled it out. So, you can fill in the first ten days simply by posting ten times.

      Can you use the contact form and let me know what you mean by “the site was broken” on Wednesday? This is the only report I’ve seen that anything was wrong.

      • Oh well, I’ve already posted once with a count of 10 items, or whatever the exact number was at that time. Getting the exact right “achievement” score isn’t so important so I’m not going to worry about it.

        I sent you a “contact” message, but FWIW the site was giving a database connection error at about 10:17 pm Eastern time on the 20th.

  2. What does the “Girls Love Mail” check box refers to? Is it an achivement? :)

  3. im having a problem where i report to send for the day but it doesnt show up. how can i fix it?

  4. Odd – I sent mail every day and logged them here – I even kept track on a piece of paper to make sure I didn’t miss any – but when I check my total it’s only showing 14 pieces of mail :(

  5. not the end of the world – I just don’t get my winner.
    thanks for putting this together!

  6. thank you :) that is very kind

  7. I’m having similar issues. My records show 153 items sent, but the leaderboard shows 132. The site isn’t counting them up. Or I did something wrong when I recorded them. And it hasn’t unlocked the Winner badge, though I did send mail each day.

    On the other hand, it says I sent mail 26 days! I didn’t start early, so that’s got to be wrong. I can’t see all of my posts for what I mailed, so I can’t tell if I accidentally hit enter twice.

  8. First ones out :)

  9. I think I uploaded my picture of Girls Love Mail, but I’m so new I don’t know where to go to see that is is posted.

  10. I am trying to see how much mail I’ve sent out and I don’t know where the total is located at? Can anyone help me please. And what do you do if you forgot to check a box when you logged your mail in? I would live any feed back Thank You!!

    • If you forgot to check a box, just check it the next time you send mail.

      You SHOULD be able to see what you’ve sent in your profile, but we’ve got that hidden for the moment because it was being glitchy. Hidden seemed better than frustrating.

  11. I filled out the form 1 time and included the total mail pieces 0f 14 that i sent. is it going to count it as 14 or only 1. Was i supposed to fill it out 14 individual times or just once. hope i am making sense here.

  12. Never mind. i refreshed the page i see figures now!

  13. I only saw the achievements leader board before not the total items sent board…its all good from this end.

  14. I uploaded a photo of the letter I sent today. Where does it go? I can’t seem to find it anywhere on my profile or the site.

  15. I mailed 2 simple, modern style letters today.

  16. the form that I completed on Feb 2 actually reports the cards that I sent on Feb 1. How does one find that form again? What section is it in?

  17. How do you see the What Have You Mailed Today? once you have filled out the form? Is there a way to view past submitted forms?

    • Can I second this? I would *LOVE* a way to see that archive. I’m supposedly keeping track at home, but I missed writing down a day or so.

      • There’s a Letters tab on your user profile page where you can see all the things you’ve sent. I just noticed that you can’t click through to view them individually. I’ll try to fix that.

  18. Mary, I noticed my total count was higher than I thought it should be. I checked back and realized I must have accidentally hit Submit twice, on two occasions. I had the same post submitted twice on Feb. 8, and it happened again with a post on Feb. 11. They should be easy to spot: look for the identical uploaded pictures. (Not to be confused with days I posted twice because I was submitting both yesterday’s and today’s tallies.) I can’t see any way of deleting the extras myself.

  19. Waiting for the letters, also trying hard to write letters/postcards! Surprise me, please! Challenge for the month!!! ^.^

  20. May i know what is Austen-style?! Is it refer aerogramme?! :p kindly advice, thank you! :)

  21. Noticed can’t see the post title when I look on my profile under letters… just the date of that submission and about the mail.

  22. When I look under the Letters tab, most of my first week of mail days are missing: the list only goes back to February 8, so it’s missing February 1 & 3-7. ???

  23. Is there a badge for winner this year? I’ve sent mail every day and reported it – despite encountering a lot of glitches – but it seems there’s only a badge for 2013 Winner, which many of us have already earned.

  24. How do I get a print out of all of my achievements? I love the faux stamps!

  25. I mailed 6 items today and by mistake I posted a larger number. Can this be deleted please?

  26. I mailed something every day (and submitted via the form), but the Winner achievement didn’t unlock for me. Trying to read back over my list of letters on the site, I see that my numbering skipped February 15th, though I would swear I submitted a letter via the form that day. A glitch in the system, I suppose, or some internet freakiness on my end. Still, even without the Winner badge, it was a great month!

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