Month of Letters Participant Stickers

Participant Vicki Stephens created some Month of Letters¬†Participant Stickers¬†to show her correspondents that she’s taking part in the Challenge. What’s more, she’s making those stickers available to you through a .pdf download. You just need a sheet of sticker paper or regular paper and a gluestick.

Just a reminder, these are NOT postage. Please do not put them on the front of the letter so that the letter carriers aren’t confused.

8 thoughts on “Month of Letters Participant Stickers”

  1. Helloooo???? This is the 1st time I’m trying this commenting……….. have just registered….

    Just to say I printed out the stickers (so “thank you” Vicki – they’re brilliant!) and am up to number 14 (I added numbers ie: 14/25). I started late, but have caught up!

    From Elizabeth in UK xx

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