Day 2 of Month of Letters

Did you mail something yesterday? It was strangely exciting, wasn’t it.  I think it is the anticipation of knowing that the letter is in transit. Because I’m a fantasy writer, I think of it almost as the potentiality that starts when a magician casts a spell.

In another day or so, someone else will open their mail box and get a thrill of delight, which you caused. How is that not like magic?

Yes, yes, yes… we understand the mechanics of how the letter gets from Point A to Point B but that’s not the magic bit. What’s magic is that a simple act begun in one part of the world can create happiness at another time and another place.

Let me give a concrete example: I’m in Seattle right now, on a trip, and I’m sending a postcard to my husband even though I will beat it home today. It won’t say anything that I can’t say to him when I get there, but it will mark a point in time where I thought of him with a tangible marker.

That’s part of the magic.

When you write today, think about recording a moment in time. Cast a spell.

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9 thoughts on “Day 2 of Month of Letters”

  1. I always mail postcards home when on trips so I can get the postmark and, well, get real mail that is not a bill (not that many of those even come through the mail anymore!).

  2. I did send a card yesterday.

    I wrote one today, and the @*#$( carrier dropped off our mail and didn’t TAKE it (or the other dozen outgoing letters in the box)!

  3. Hello! I encountered your website a few weeks ago and was determined to do this – although I chose postcards because of my love of sending and receiving them, and I feared I’d fall behind if I was sending letters. I cultivated recipients from my Facebook page and created an album there, and then decided to blog about it as well. Fantastic idea! x

  4. I somehow missed the mail pickup yesterday, too, so I now have two letters in my mailbox today awaiting their journey into the world. As a backup, though, I did have to visit UPS to mail some books, so I didn’t lose my momentum. Three days, three posts.

    Apart from the magic, which is undeniable, I’m enjoying the sense of accomplishment. It only takes a few minutes to write, seal, stamp, and walk down to my mailbox. As soon as I flip up the flag, I’m done. I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. If only all goals were as easily met! That’s magic, too, I think.

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