4 thoughts on “The Guardian covers the Month of Letters Challenge”

  1. I found out about this writing challenge through the guardian on twitter. I am now expecting a letter from Mr. Pack. Both such a great ideas! I found out a day late but fortunately had wirtten and posted to a friend that day!

  2. I received my first letter via the Rumpus subscription yesterday; it was such a treat! Other than a minor gaffe (already noted & nixed by Rumpus!) in the addressing—all copies of this week’s letter were sent to “[Your Name], OR CURRENT RESIDENT OF: [Your Address],” which made it appear very like junk-mail at first glance—it was lovely. A sweet, slightly sad letter; thought-provoking, and is certainly a great bit of inspiration or impetus for this challenge!

    I think they’re perfect complements, two wonderful projects springing from this one impulse: the desire for human connection made tangible. The joy of holding real, honest-to-God, physical PROOF of a person, a bona fide HUMAN BEING, across from you in this conversation and whose heart’s still beating whether your letters had 10 feet to travel or 10,000 miles.

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