The Guardian covers the Month of Letters Challenge

The Guardian has written an article, “Writers bid to revive letter-writing,” about the revival of letter writing. I’m interviewed about the Month of Letters Challenge along with Rumpus editor Stephen Elliot, and publisher Scott Pack who are also bringing back letter writing.

Also… The Guardian. Eep.

4 Replies to “The Guardian covers the Month of Letters Challenge”

  1. I found out about this writing challenge through the guardian on twitter. I am now expecting a letter from Mr. Pack. Both such a great ideas! I found out a day late but fortunately had wirtten and posted to a friend that day!

  2. I received my first letter via the Rumpus subscription yesterday; it was such a treat! Other than a minor gaffe (already noted & nixed by Rumpus!) in the addressing—all copies of this week’s letter were sent to “[Your Name], OR CURRENT RESIDENT OF: [Your Address],” which made it appear very like junk-mail at first glance—it was lovely. A sweet, slightly sad letter; thought-provoking, and is certainly a great bit of inspiration or impetus for this challenge!

    I think they’re perfect complements, two wonderful projects springing from this one impulse: the desire for human connection made tangible. The joy of holding real, honest-to-God, physical PROOF of a person, a bona fide HUMAN BEING, across from you in this conversation and whose heart’s still beating whether your letters had 10 feet to travel or 10,000 miles.

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