Download the 2013 Month of Letters Calendar


As the New Year begins, it’s time to start thinking about the Month of Letters Challenge. To help you organize your thoughts, we have a calendar.

If you are looking for a way to organize your Month of Letters Challenge, we have a calendar for you.

2012 Participant Richelle had said,

“I printed up a calendar and am filling in the days with people I want to write! I have a big stash of stationary I am hoping I can finally use. I may have to break the rules and send more than one a day. So many people I want to write!”

That was a brilliant idea, so I made a calendar page that you can print out to help plan your letter writing. (By the way, it’s not breaking the rules to send more than one thing a day.)

Download the Month of Letters Planning Calendar 2013  as a pdf. Thanks for the suggestion, Richelle.


7 Replies to “Download the 2013 Month of Letters Calendar”

  1. I am so excited about this challenge! We have a small letter writing/mail art club locally that a friend started and we were doing great but I’ve slowed wwwaaaayyyyy down; making the turtle look even faster! This is just the motivation I needed to get back to something I love! Thanks so much!

  2. Great idea, thanks for the pdf! I did the challenge last year but was very disorganized and didn’t end up writing every day. I think planning it out in advance (and in writing!) will definitely help.

  3. Hey there! I’m participating in lettermo, but I’m from Mexico, so we don’t have a holiday on the 18th. We do, however, have one this Monday 4th! I’m just worried it will affect me achieving badges, beacuse I won’t be able to send mail this Monday!
    Is there something I could do? 🙂

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