Need a way to gather your friends’ addresses for Month of Letters? Try

One of the trickiest things for a lot of participants these days is getting the mailing addresses of friends and family. That used to be something everyone exchanged but now, it’s more common to know website and twitter handles. Enter

We created Postable to solve a simple problem: nobody seems to have anybody’s mailing address anymore.  Email addresses and phone numbers don’t help when you want to send somebody an actual piece of mail.  Whether you’re getting married and need to collect hundreds of mailing addresses, sending out Christmas cards or even if you just want to have a complete, up-to-date address book once and for all, Postable makes it extremely easy. We are fanatical about privacy and will never use any piece of information submitted to this site for any reason other than to provide you with an amazing Address Book.

It’s very easy to use and makes gathering mailing addresses for the Month of Letters Challenge a snap. Just set up an account and then post on the social media of your choice that you are doing the challenge. Share the link and tell friends and family members that if they want to get mail from you, to fill out the form. Voila! An easy list of friends to write to.

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  1. This website is great. I’m hoping to get all my contacts in there, it is slow going but since I have the ability to add I can help the process along. Thank you for sharing this valuable website.

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