Day 10: A day of rest

week of mailThis concludes the first full week of mail. At this point you should have sent a minimum of eight items in the mail and unlocked the “One Week”  Achievement. Some of you are far past that, of course, but I’ll remind you that the Challenge involves sending something every day the post runs. That’s partially to help you build a postal habit, but also so you remember to carve out a quiet spot for yourself everyday.

If you are on target, you can take a break and think about who you’ll write to next week. But if you haven’t sent eight items, or if you are coming into the Challenge late, Sunday is a great day to catch up on your mail.

How are you doing?

16 thoughts on “Day 10: A day of rest”

  1. I made the magic number on Friday evening. I will have five more done by this evening. I look forward to even top the 40 mark by the end of this week. Have a great week and a good Valentine’s Day everybody!

  2. The only problem I have with daily mail is I don’t always have access to stamps, and even if I did, can’t make regular trips to the PO to mail stuff. My mailbox was down for a week because some jerk ran through my and my neighbor’s yards and took out our mailbox. Not helpful for this, for sure. I’m writing almost every day, just sending in batches.

    1. A “zine” (from “magazine”) is an independently printed & distributed publication, usually combining text and graphics, usually smaller than a typical magazine, often done entirely by hand. Many of them are one-offs, but others are in series at irregular time intervals.

  3. I have been in a letter writing mode all afternoon and evening….. Have a few letters ready to be posted tomorrow, including a couple of surprises….
    I buy enough stamps to keep me going until the next special issue is released…. Sometimes I order online/mail order, so am not constrained by having to find an open post office between the hours of 9 to 5 (or shorter, some of the village post offices close for half days).

  4. I actually had a few things ready for tomorrow, that I stuck in a box today. I was in a new neighborhood and thought “OOOH I can get in another new box!”

    Can I post those I put out today as today’s mail? or do I have to wait for tomorrow?

  5. I whizzed through all my housework on Saturday afternoon so Sunday was completely free for letter writing! I did three letters on Sunday, including a package for someone.
    I stocked up on stamps before I left work in December to tide me over until our cash flow improved. Things are better from today so I’ll get some more from the post office tomorrow.

  6. Aqui en Argentina hubieron 3 dias Feriados…asi que me dedique a escribir cartas y dejarlas listas para enviarlas cuando pasen estos feriados. Encontre una carta en mi buzon.

  7. It was really weird to have a day off – the previous Sunday I mailed a postcard I’d written previously and forgot to mail, so even though I didn’t write anything new, I had that sense of routine. The project is easier this year than last year – more of my friends asked to get cards, one decided to do the challenge as well, and some others are making an effort to mail things this month even if they’re not up to a full month of daily mail – but I’m also busier, so I’m not sure if I’m better at writing easily or I’m paying less attention to what I write. I *think* it’s the former, although there are days where it feels more like the latter.

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