The Month of Letters Achievement Badges

To add a little bit of fun this year, you can report your mail sent and unlock some badges as you achieve each goal. These will appear on your user profile. Just report in daily about what you mailed and start collecting stamps for your profile. (You do have to be signup for the challenge to collect stamps.)

You get points for the number of days that you send mail. Plus there are some bonus actvities like, “Austen-style” or “international.”

Check out the list of achievements and start telling us about your mail.

13 thoughts on “The Month of Letters Achievement Badges”

  1. On the page where you report what you mailed…I have a question about where it says “total number of items mailed” – do you put the total you mailed that day or your total for the month?

  2. How about an achievement for using nice (special issue) stamps rather than standard ones (e.g. Queen’s head, liberty bell forever, stamp labels…)…. and what about an even special achievement for sending an Austen style item of mail with an Austen stamp on!?

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