Welcome our new guest blogger: K. Tempest Bradford

With one week left until Month of Letters officially ends, I thought it would be a good time to bring a fresh voice to the journal for a couple of guests posts. Author K. Tempest Bradford is new to the challenge this year but not new to letter writing. Though she is woefully behind on recording her achievements and gathering badges (not that I’m spying on her), I’m sure you’ll all welcome her contributions here.

What prompted me to ask Tempest to blog is a conversation we had about Samuel R. Delany’s book 1984, a collection over 50 letters written by the author to friends and family over the course of that year. The book is out of print but still available. I won’t spoil the post she’ll write about it, but I’m sure you’ll all find it as interesting as our discussion. I’ve long been impressed with Tempest’s humor and writing. I think you will be too.


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