Download the Month of Letters 2014 Participant stickers

2014 participant labelsWant to let your recipients know that you are playing along with the Month of Letters?Simply download the pdf file and print it on a sheet of sticker paper or use regular paper and a glue stick.

Just a reminder, these are NOT postage. Please do not put them on the front of the letter so that the letter carriers aren’t confused.

Download the PDF of the 2014 participant labels

5 thoughts on “Download the Month of Letters 2014 Participant stickers”

  1. Question: How did you print it to where it would come out correctly as business cards. The ones I printed of the business cards did not come on the right perforated portions of the card. Also what template did you print under for stickers? Did you just print on a completely sticky instead of mailing labels categorized by size?

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