Postable is partnering with us this year!

Postable BannerLast year, I suggested using as an easy way to exchange mailing addresses with other members. It’s a super-easy and free service that’s designed to make collecting addresses simple. It’s designed for people getting married, and I actually wound up recommending it to my brand-new sister-in-law when she and my brother got married last year.

This year, they contacted me and said they wanted to be involved, because they also love mail. Which is fantastic and really kind. And… they’ve also added a new thing since last year. They can print and mail cards for you.

But doesn’t that defeat the point of Month of Letters?

Actually, no. The point is to think about one person at a time and to put something in that person’s mailbox that will make them smile. Now, personally, I enjoy writing with a fountain pen, but there are folks who have carpal tunnel, arthritis, or other things that make handwriting hard. There shouldn’t be an entry barrier to participating. So having someone else print and send the card for you is totally fine.

It also, to be totally honest, will help the site because they are contributing a portion of sales that come in through this link.

But just to be completely clear — you don’t have to send cards through them to use It remains the easiest way I’ve found to collect addresses. Check them out!

7 thoughts on “Postable is partnering with us this year!”

  1. Hi Mary, I used Postable for the very first time signing up for a valentine card swap with over 300 participants. Then I found out about making my own account here. It’s fantastic for when you’ve left your address book at home and would still like to mail a friend a letter. So easy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi. Olivia, Glad you love the designs. They’re amazing artists. We mail the cards directly to your recipients for you so we don’t send blank cards. You have to write them on the site. It’s a new way to do it but it’s surprisingly personal. You don’t have to worry about making mistakes & throwing out the cards or anything like that. Melissa, we’d love to know what the Valentine’s swap is. Sounds great.

  3. Heh – this is great. I actually signed up and mailed off three cards via their site on Friday! Great cards and very good prices – I recently spent way more than that on some cards to mail that weren’t even as cute.

  4. I just sent a card through Postable, partly because I wanted to try it, and because the one I found was perfect for me to send my sister. Would be fun if it was an achievement for those of us that use it, if even just to try it.

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