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TouchnoteWhen I first started doing Month of Letters I had a hard time figuring out what to write some of the people on my list. Did they want to hear a lot of random stuff about my life? Would they rather have a poem? All I wanted to do was ask about their lives! I finally hit on sending postcards at first. The condensed space meant I didn’t have to think about filling a whole page. Plus, postcards usually have interesting art on them, so they’re useful beyond being mail.

I’m doing the same this year, though with an extra twist. I’m sending some postcards via my smartphone using my own pictures. Even though the message on the back is short, I hope these postcards will feel as personal as a longer letter. I just sent my first one today! I took a picture of my altar and sent it to a dear friend who recently showed me hers.

This time I used the Touchnote app for Android based on the advice from this post rounding up the various options. The author also recommends Postify, which I’ll probably try in a few days. I’m also going to give Postable a go, but I really like being able to add my own images to the card.

The trouble with trying to decide on a service like this is that you can’t always rely on the reviews on app stores nor are they easy to sift through. I much prefer roundups like the one I found where the author compares services against each other. It took far too much Google-fu to find that (no idea why), so I hope it will be as useful for you as it was for me.

I plan to make this a regular thing, so I’m eager to hear back from the recipients on the quality of the card and how long it took to arrive. Once I get that data I’ll settle on one or the other app.

I’m curious if any of you have ever tried these services or something similar? Which ones do you like? Any you would never use again?

7 thoughts on “Sending snail mail from your smartphone”

  1. Last year, I started using to share photos from trips with friends. The postcards that have been received are much appreciated, and very high quality. I used it while traveling in Europe and it was a wonderful way to get our travel photos out timely, and didn’t necessitate a trip to a foreign post office which can sometimes be overwhelming. Since the company is based out of Seattle, if you’re sending to addresses in the US, they are just a $1.00 per card. Sign up and check it out…you get the first three for free!

  2. I just sent two postcards from my phone using Postify — I tried Postcardly but found it a little less intuitive to navigate. Postify was super user friendly and easy, at least on my iPhone.

  3. This is exactly what I was looking for! I wanted to send a few postcards to stay in touch with friends and family but could not really find any I liked. It would be great to use my own pics.

  4. I am using Touchnote. I like that their rates are the same for Europe as for here. Also that we get a discount when we purchase a bunch at once. Great to be able to send photos from the neighborhood to friends who have moved away. Or share a moment while it is still fresh in the heart.

  5. Hi, at Postsnap and we have created an iPhone and iPad app that also allows you to create and send stylish Postcards direct from your phone. We have a fantastic range of bespoke borders and over 25 different text font styles you can use for your messages on the back. We would love it if you considered our app too! Any feedback you have would be great!

    – Scott

  6. I’ve heard a lot about this challenge, and am really excited to try it out this next year. I have a friend who recommended the NeFo smartphone app. She said it also works from your tablet and desktop computer!

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