4.Ever Pininfarina Cambiano pen

A Pen That Lasts Forever?

4.Ever Pininfarina Cambiano pen

Pen aficionados, this one is for you. Last year design firm Pininfarina unveiled a pen they claimed would last forever. First called the 4.Ever and now sold as either the Forever Pininfarina Cambiano or the Pininfarina Cambiano Everlasting Inkless Pen, this marvel of modern etching doesn’t require ink and is not made from graphite or any of the other usual materials.

Pininfarina, which is known for high-end car designs but does create other stuff as well, makes the tip of the pen from Ethergraph, a metal alloy. The marks it makes look more like pencil/graphite yet are as permanent as a pen. From the shape of the tip it looks like you have choice in line thickness. But no sharpening or changing the shape, apparently.

The pen itself is quite beautiful with walnut inlays and a grey or black aluminum body. At 39 grams it also appears to be a nice weight, though I haven’t touched it myself to judge the balance. Overall, it looks like the kind of upscale pen people regularly pay $100+ for, making the price of $119 (or 89 Euro) not at all out of line. From the pre-launch description I assumed it would cost a lot more (my guess was $3,000), if not because of the materials than because of the uniqueness factor.

If the claims are true, this pen will never run down or run out. I doubt any of us will be around long enough to judge if that’s true. Perhaps Pininfarina knows that it would take so long to wear down that you’ll be dead before it happens or they figure you’ll lose the pen.

Imagine what an heirloom this would make. Pass it down to your grandchildren along with your fountain pens and watch them marvel over old timey writing instruments.

I’m not quite as tempted by this as I am by some fountain pens because I’m a fan of glide and I’m not convinced this would glide the way I like. Still, considering the not-crazy-expensive price, I have a feeling that one of you may have one ready for next Month of Letters. Am I right? If you buy one, be sure to tell us all about it in the forums.

3 thoughts on “A Pen That Lasts Forever?”

  1. I tried it and wasn’t over impressed – the line isn’t dark enough for me and it feels like writing with a soft (3B ish) pencil that is ready to be sharpened.

    Not sure it will be replacing my FPs anytime soon

  2. I have one, and it is OK. It is a nice thing to have on hand for a quick note, but depending on the paper, you will not always be impressed with the results. It is very much like writing with a 2H pencil at best. It does work nicely on the stone paper but normal stuff it runs hot and cold.

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