Day 2 of LetterMo and the Quests are back!

parcelToday is the first day that mail ran in February. Did you manage to get out and mail something?

If you did… You can hop over to the Quests and Badges page and see if you met any of the quest items. Right now, there are just a few but I’ll try to get some more up by the end of the month. Meanwhile, have fun and write another letter.

14 thoughts on “Day 2 of LetterMo and the Quests are back!”

  1. Mary, Thanks for putting up the badges! Although they are not necessary… they are fun… makes me feel like a little kid getting a sticker! I appreciate all the work you put into this. It is my first time and I am enjoying it already! I got out my first package today with a valentine surprise for my daughter in college.

    1. Go to the “Quests and Badges” page.
      Click on the challenge you want to meet. That will open a new page.
      Under “Create a New Submission” click “Submit.”

      If you want to provide details in the text box or show a photo, you can, but it’s not necessary.

  2. Ok, this is gonna seem like a daft question BUT are we supposed to claim a badge/lodge a submission EACH time we do the same task?

    For example: I have sent around a dozen items over the past 3 days & about 8 of those were international.
    I have claimed ‘A Spot of Mail’ International, Birthday, Package & New Postbox; once for each.

    I imagine it would get pretty crowded, pretty quickly if you had multiples of them!!

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