[Wayback Repost] If my handwriting is terrible, can I still participate?

This post was originally published on January 6, 2013. It’s reappearing today as a Wayback Repost, so you might see some old comments below. Feel free to continue the conversation!


I can assure you, with a great deal of confidence and a wide representative sample to choose from, that lousy handwriting is a) not unusual b) not nearly as bad as the writer thinks it is, and c) still welcome. Typed letters are also welcome. I get a number of those in which the only time a pen touches the paper is to sign the sheet. I still enjoy them.

The purpose of the Challenge isn’t to avoid the computer at all costs. It’s to slow down and give yourself permission to think about just one person at a time. Also, to hopefully seed your mailbox so you get mail in return, but that’s a bonus.

2 thoughts on “[Wayback Repost] If my handwriting is terrible, can I still participate?”

  1. I wouldn’t win any awards either. I started to write hand written letters to slow down the pace. Furthermore, when someone sends you a reply letter you realize we’re all in the same boat. We all love this craft and want to share it. Keep Scribbling!

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