Month of Letters 2016 and the Wayback Machine

February is almost upon us and the Month of Letters challenge is coming back for its fifth year! Wow. That’s a lot of letters and also quite a few blog posts.

Though blogs are eternal (one hopes, anyway), it’s easy for great posts published long ago to languish in the archive of time, not seen or appreciated as new and shiny posts come along. And over the years there have been many awesome posts on this blog.

This year we’re going to re-post some of our favorites alongside many new posts and guest blogs. You’ll be able to tell which posts are from the past as they’ll be marked [Wayback Repost] and have a special tag. You can still comment on these posts, pick up conversations from before, or give us new insights.

We hope you enjoy both the old and new posts coming your way and we’re very excited to see all the mail you’re going to send next month!

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