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Last day of LetterMo — Leap with Joy!

A leaping unicornToday is the last day of the 2016 Month of Letters! How did you do?

Some of you managed to send mail everyday this month, which is fantastic. That’s at least 24 packets of joy you sent in the mail, and from what I can tell, some of you sent a lot more than that. Make sure you get your Winner badge.

Some of you managed only a couple of pieces. I don’t want to hear you say that you “failed” at Month of Letters. This challenge is about making connections and slowing down to think about just one person at a time. Any step towards that is a good thing. You made someone’s day brighter and that can never be considered a failure. So focus on what you did achieve.

And it is also Leap Day, so… we have a special leap day badge for you. If you take your mail to the post office and ask them to hand-cancel it, then you’ll wind up with the rare February 29th date.

So… Since this is all about connections, share the connection that made you happiest.

9 thoughts on “Last day of LetterMo — Leap with Joy!”

  1. I had a burst of activity on the weekend so I had a big fat zine envelope to mail today, along with 11 postcards. I was going to be lazy and just drop everything into a mailbox but just before doing so decided to go the hand-cancel route instead. The clerks at the postal outlet were fascinated by my arrays of vintage small-denomination stamps!

    (I can’t figure out what I need to do to unlock the Leap Day badge, though.)

  2. Hey Mary ~ This has been great and quite a fun challenge. First thanks for putting this all together & keeping it running. Second, thank you to all who’ve written me. Most of you have replied which has been SO very cool. To those of you whom haven’t written back yet… I’ll patiently wait. For a week. After a week I will hex your stamps, may they taste of vinegar!

    Cheers all!

  3. I managed to send mail every day except for Valentine’s Day itself. I still have letters to write, but I was happy to reconnect with my pens and stationery. I heard back from only one person so far, but I expect that I shall continue to receive letters next month, and I certainly intend to continue to catch up with all the people I have yet to write.

    Mary, I hope you were able to get in touch with the friends you mentioned you wished to reach. Have a wonderful year!


  4. I heard back from a friend I had written to a few days after a phone conversation. She messaged me to say she had gotten my letter and the timing had been perfect because she needed some cheering up. That was the connection that made me the happiest, so glad it helped here and the timing worked out well. 🙂

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