Enough — Write to your representative

You and I, we know the power of letters. If there’s ever a time that you are going to write to your representative, this is it. That time you have carved out for a pen pal, take time to write a letter and express your grief that people continue to be murdered because legislators won’t even study the problem.

I have my own, very strong views, about actions that our government should take regarding guns. I’m not going to push those on you. But if you are heartsick, know that we, as letter writers, have a power. Letters are taken more seriously than emails or Facebook or Twitter.

rainbow stationeryAnd to make that easier for you, I have some tools.

  1. Your congressperson’s mailing address. Simply enter your address or zipcode. Click on their name to get the mailing address.
  2. Your governor’s address
  3. Don’t have stationery or stamps? Postable.com has created a 30% discount code to make it easy to write to your representative*. Just use: ITSTIME
  4. Printable Stationery
  5. A template of a letter, which does, indeed, express my very strong feelings. I provide it only as an example because sometimes grief robs us of our words.

Dear [representative]

I am heartsick about the shootings that keep happening. Orlando was the most recent, and largest, but by no means unique. I want my government to make this stop by passing comprehensive gun control laws.

When you consider what it takes to own a car, which has other purposes, is it too much to ask that we are as stringent with firearms? While there are legitimate uses for guns, most Americans own them as a hobby and are improperly trained. Any other hobby, with this high of a death rate, would have been banned long ago.
Please. Please make sure that there is never another Columbine, or Sandy Hook, or Virginia Tech, or Orlando. Please step up and make this stop. It’s why we elected you.

Sincerely yours,


You and I? We understand the power of letters. So please…. Please write a letter today.

*I will note that Postable.com allows you to write one letter and send it to multiple addresses. Before writing, simply choose “More options” and then “Carbon Copy.” The letter will look handwritten and they will put it in an envelope and send it to your senator for you. All you have to do is supply the address and the content.

2 thoughts on “Enough — Write to your representative”

  1. Well said. As living in Sweden, is terriefying reading about all the shooting in USA. I’m thinking about all the people loosing some dear
    I can’t write to anyone about it, but you are all in my minds fighting for this very important matter

  2. Mary,

    Thank you for this post, for the tools, for the reminder of the power of letters, and for the solidarity. I have written letters in the past about the need for some sanity regarding the slaughter that continues in our country, but I shall write again in the hopes that we can start a LetterMo chorus.

    I applaud your courage.


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