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Share Your Favorite Letter Writing Paper


One of the things I love about the Month of Letters community is how much you all love to talk about your letter writing tools from the paper you love to the pens to the stuff you use to make custom envelopes. So several of this month’s blog posts will be about sharing the tools you love with each other and the world. Let’s start with paper, which is essential to the snail mail letter writing process.

Now, there’s a reason I didn’t title this post Share Your Favorite Stationery — it’s because one doesn’t need paper that is technically stationery in order to write letters. I prefer to use paper out of notebooks for my letters, and my favorite notebooks to pull apart for this are the 6 x 8 Clairefontaine staple-bound ones. There are just two staples, easily removed, and then you have a stack of folded paper that gives you 4 pages for writing. That’s often enough for a whole letter, though if I go long I will use two of them.

I started doing this because many people give me journals, but I have very particular needs for my journals. Perfect bound ones don’t really work for me. As this type of journal piled up in my house, I realized that I could easily pull them apart without losing too many of the pages and have paper that would work for letters. I even bought envelopes to fit.

What paper do you use for writing letters? What is your favorite, and what do you grab in a pinch? Share it below (you can include links!) or share it with us on social media using the hashtag #lettermo. We’re @LetterMonth on both Twitter and Instagram.

9 thoughts on “Share Your Favorite Letter Writing Paper”

  1. I was turned onto Tomoe River by a superthoughtful LetterMo penpal. I learned I could make eight pages of legible text from one sheet, and therefore the cost of a 100-sheet pack seemed very affordable. Tomoe River is very friendly to fountain pen inks, and I can fold one sheet in half and tear it to make two, it’s that sturdy. It’s also thin enough that I can write an eight-plus page letter and not have to pay extra postage for weight or thickness.

    I have also Strathmore linen paper, lined, and a close-to-onionskin-in-thinness pad of airmail lined stationery: good for when I have a lot to write, but because it’s thin I can only use one page per sheet.

  2. I have sooo much writing paper! When I rediscovered letter writing a few years ago, I struggled to find ‘letter writing’ paper – pretty and decorated. So when I found it, I’d buy it! I love the cute stuff and have stacks of Disney themed, and Peanut themed paper. Just recently I’ve found that I love writing on graph/grid paper because it’s good for decorating myself!! The bonus is I can buy those notebooks for about $1!! My problem is that I don’t want to use my favourite paper – it’s pretty and I want to save it!! I’m endeavouring to stop that this year, and start sharing it.

  3. I’ve been using what I think is supposed to be a printer paper, although it is kind of pricey for that use. It’s Via Smooth from Mohawk. I have found it to be very friendly to my fountain pens – no bleed though, some minimal ghosting, which doesn’t bother me since I usually only write on one side anyway.

  4. I most often write in notecards and then use half sheets of calligraphy paper or drawing paper to continue if I run long. I can also cut that paper down so it fits into the envelopes I make out of magazine pages.

  5. I have a trolley full of lovely writing paper so an awful lot to choose from 😉
    I have been penpalling since I was 8 years old but over the years it wasn’t always easy to get writing paper in this country so whenever I would be somewhere where they did sell writing paper I would buy it. I don’t have a real preference as long as I can use my fountain pen! I love to have a choice though 🙂

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