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Share Your Favorite Pens

Thanks to all of you who shared your favorite paper for writing letters. Keep the replies coming! In keeping with the theme of letter writing tools, today we want you to share your favorite pens. because we know y’all all have favorite pens.

I know many of you are like Month of Letters founder Mary Robinette Kowal in preferring fountain pens. While I do enjoy them and even have a few (it’s Mary’s fault), I am still a gel pen girl at heart. It has the smoothness that I like in fountain pens but isn’t as messy and there’s no maintenance.

That’s not to say I will write with just any gel pen. There are some truly terrible ones out there. After many years I settled on two favorites. The first is the Pentel Energel .7mm. I used to only deal with the Black and Blue ink, then I saw someone on a pen blog raving about the purple ink and then I got the multi-color pack and fell in love with that and the green. Smooth writing, quick drying, thick line.

My other favorite pen is one that the company doesn’t make anymore: the iWalk Amphibian (pictured above). It takes Parker gel pen refills, and I’d say that half of my love for the pen is the refills and half is for the pen body itself. I originally got this to test the phone screen stylus on the back end and found that I really liked the feel of the pen and the weight. I don’t use the stylus bit that much, but I am never without this pen tucked into my journal.

What are your favorite pens? Do you have different ones set aside just for writing letters? Share them with us in comments or, even better, post pictures of them on Instagram and Twitter and tag them #lettermo. I’ll share my favorites on the blog later this month. Just be sure to say the pen name when you post!

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