Welcome to Day One of the Month of Letters Challenge

I’ve just written my first letter for the month, which was a thank you for a lovely, lovely hand-knitted sweater. There’s something so beautifully personal about things that our hands have touched. I think this is one of the charms to mailing letters. Even if you aren’t writing it by hand, knowing that you touched gives the letter an ephemeral beauty.

Meanwhile, we are also creatures of the Information Age, and do like our computers so… I have some new badges for you.

Now, if you’re a newcomer, to log your letters, click on the “Fun Stuff” menu and then “What have you mailed today?”  Just fill that in once a day with what you’ve sent out. And make sure to check out the badges page for some other fun. bodrum escort

And finally, some housekeeping… I’ve just learned that the LetterMo email has been broken since early January. We’re trying to fix it, but bear with me. I’ve attempted to reset the contact form so it goes to my personal email address as a temporary measure. I’m so sorry for the confusion and frustration that’s caused for folks looking for help. I wasn’t ignoring you on purpose. escort bodrum

The final housekeeping note– Again, this year, please don’t write to me. There are tons of people that would love to get your letters and I get plenty. I love mail, but the pace that happens in February can get a little overwhelming. So hop into the forums and visit the address exchange board. 

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