The torch passes to a new team! LetterMo is alive! ALIVE!

My dears,

I am so relieved and grateful. Ronda Stall and Cooksterz have stepped up to the letterbox and are making sure that LetterMo continues on through snow, rain, heat and gloom of night.

They are working on cleaning the forums of spam and getting everything ready for this February. I’ll be lurking in the background but going forward, you have new couriers. Please help them with, and thank them for, the swift completion of their appointed rounds. çevrimsiz bonus

Fondly yours,

Mary Robinette Kowal Güncel teknoloji haberleri

10 thoughts on “The torch passes to a new team! LetterMo is alive! ALIVE!”

  1. Thank you Mary. I am throwing all my free time to this, leading up to February! I hope it all rolls out, and keeps rolling on smoothly, for everyone! The site is still l a bit limited. Approved Members: Be sure to check out the FB Community for any immediate response/reply from Ronda or I :)) – Im honored to offer any help I can! – Cookie

  2. Ronda and Cooksterz,

    Thank you so much for keeping our community going. Please let me know if I can help. I’m not any good at the tech aspects, but I’ll be happy to provide content or assist in other ways.


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