Need an occasion to write?

Just a few days to LetterMo 2020! If you haven’t registered yet, do it as soon as possible so you can get started on February 1 and find some new pen pals if needed. Are you trying to fill your planning calendar with people and reasons to write?

If you feel like you need an occasion to write someone, here are some fun days of the month for you to get in touch. Perhaps it’s one of your favourite foods – you can tell your pen pal why Nutella, pistachios or strawberry is your absolute favourite thing. There are a lot of fun greeting cards, stickers and washi tape that you can show your love. Perhaps you can share your favourite clam chowder or chili recipe. With the list below, you can likely find something interesting that you can put pen to paper to write about.

Happy writing!

** Correction – Open That Bottle Night is actually on February 29 this year instead of the 24.**

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14 thoughts on “Need an occasion to write?”

  1. Happy Groundhog Day! New member blues! I wrote a letter yesterday and another today… now what? How do I play along? Log? Earn Badges? Find pen pals? Read faqs and still lost… help please. Where can I find help? Ty! Patti

  2. Okay, that occasion list is *awesome*. I sometimes have to cast about for something to write about; there’s *that* problem solved. “What am I going to write to Lisa about? Well, it’s National Pizza Day; Lisa likes pizza…”

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