An Introduction to the Victorian Letter Writers Guild

LetterMo pal and ECL Society of Letter Writers founder Denise provides insight into one of the writing groups she and some members her society are part of if you are looking for additional pen pals after February. This one is for Ladies only.

“Do people still write letters?”

That was my reply to a patron at the library where I work when she suggested that we start a letter writing social.  Of course, now I know the answer is yes!   To begin gathering information for a letter writing social, I decided I should first find myself pen pal.  I searched the internet to find a pen pal matching site that didn’t involve a fee and was for females only and that is when I found the Victorian Letter Writers Guild.  

The Victorian Letter Writers Guild was started in May of 2017 by Sarah Coller, who believed “scattered amongst our fast-paced, stressed-out society, there is a special kind of people hiding in plain sight who come from all walks of life and possess varied interests and goals, but all hold one desire in common—a longing for a more relaxed and thoughtful way of life.”  Sarah now has hundreds of ladies who apply for pen friends both domestically and internationally.  

Sign up at not only to be notified of quarterly pen pal matches but also for birthday and holiday card exchanges. 

However, you may be wondering, “Does my letter have to be Victorian themed/decorated/written with a fountain or quill/worded with flowery 19th century language?

Sarah says this is not necessary. The term “Victorian” is used in reference to the “old fashioned” art of letter writing – not so much to the style of letters or art work employed. Of course, many who join the exchanges enjoy this aesthetic, as well, but using it is not mandatory. She doesn’t want people to be intimidated by believing one must be a fantastic artist or eloquent speaker to participate in our exchanges. She further confirms, “We are average women with average lives who share a love for simplicity and beauty. If you can relate, you belong here!”

Her blog also features: 

  • Creative ideas for designing extra-special correspondence
  • Mail art techniques
  • Historical information regarding letter writing, Victorians, etiquette, and more
  • Quarterly pen friend exchanges
  • Writing-related swaps and giveaways

Getting a pen pal is easy!  Once you’ve signed up for her blog, simply wait for the quarterly pen pal match up to arrive via email and fill out the short questionnaire about yourself and what you hope for in a pen friend.  The VLWG pen pal match is quick and free.  Sarah hand matches everyone and within days you’ll receive an email with your new pen pal.  You can get yourself a new pen pal every quarter if you like.  How many pen pals is really ever enough?  Over the years, I have received many pen pals and treasure every one Sarah hand matched just for me.  

You can also follow along on Instagram @victorianletterwritersguild.  

If you enjoy handwritten correspondence with like-minded people, The Victorian Letter Writers Guild may be for you!

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