Thankful Thursday #1

In the Looking for A Reason Write post, you will see that today, February 4, is a special day for Letter Writers! It is

We’re so very thankful for carriers who bring us and in some cases, pick up, our happy mail to start it on its journey to the next town or around the world. During these pandemic times, the mail service has helped to keep people connected and feel less isolated while we are unable to get out and see our friends and family.

We discovered this activity and wanted to share with you as it is perfect for today, especially if you have some littles that could use a distraction! Show your gratitude for the mail and package carriers working hard to keep us connected with this colouring page. Display your finished sign on your window, mailbox or door as a message of support and thanks, not just today, but every day.

For a full size print out, click the image for a link to the Smithsonian Winter At Home Guide and print page 39. (We’re sure there is lots in the magazine that is interesting so you may want to print the entire thing!) Smithsonian Magazine adapted this from an activity created by the National Postal Museum.

Photograph of boy mailing letter, National Postal Museum, Curatorial Photographic Collection Photographer: Unknown, c. 1880. Mr. ZIP standing cut-out, Courtesy of National Postal Museum.

Last week, we shared some of the stickers and cards we have seen around the internet on how you can show appreciation in and on your mail (scroll left and all the vendors have been tagged).

We have shared the same items on our Facebook page with the vendors tagged so you can contact them if you are interested in any of the items.

Have you seen any other Thank A Mail Carrier stickers or cards? Did you do anything to celebrate your postie?

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