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Contribute to a Collaborative Blog Post

Want to contribute, but don’t want to commit to an entire blog post? This year we will be doing Collaborative Blog Posts (why yes, that’s a thing I just came up with).

I’ve come up with some prompts around LetterMo. The idea is that participants can pick one or more prompt, and answer it. We’ll take everyone’s contributions and compile them into a blog post.

Have a different idea, or more to say? Check out the Blog Post Idea form.


PromptSubmit By 12pm GMT:
What tip or trick to you have for those new to writing letters?Jan. 31
Tell us about your first pen pal.Feb. 3
Cursive, print, or typed? Why?Feb. 5
Tell us about the pen pal who is farthest away from you, geographically.Feb. 8
Where is your favorite place to write letters? To read them?Feb. 11
Tell us about a letter you received / sent that has special meaning to you.Feb. 13
How do you personalize your letters?Feb. 16
Describe your ideal pen pal.Feb. 18
Why do you write letters or postcards?Feb. 21
What is the most interesting thing you’ve received/ sent via the mail?Feb. 23
What stories have you seen / read / heard that include letter-writing as an essential part of the plot or style?Feb. 25

You can submit your contributions via the Collaborative Blog Post Form

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